Monday, August 15, 2011

BLOggerrr VS Vblogging....

yeahhh..ENTRY sayeww kali niyh sal bLOGGER vs Vblogging....ok ..first of ALL,i think the readers knowww better what is BLOgger RITE?...absolutely laaa, COZ u r not here if u r not Bloggers ..HEHEHE.....

SO..i think i dont have to mention detail bout BLOGger...but i want talk more bout Vblogging...
yeahh...RITE...most of our people doesnt know what is that mean ...n ask SOMEONE else..

       A: hey,CAN i ask u bout something...??
       B: YEAH... sure...what?
       A: I just want know ..what is VBLOGGING mean??is it same function with BLOGGER???
       B:hehehee..actually ..i DONT KNOW tooo... (SENYUM kambing )
       A: owh..OK..hmmm...i REALLY hope u know ..but IT SO K...

yeawwwwww....So,TO PEOPLE like A ..U have to refers HERE..just in my BEBELAN.. then, after that u will know what was THAT meann ..HEHEHE..(gulpsss..gulpsss...PENAT DEH bebel...puasa la katekan.. eheeeee)......

WHAT is VBlogging OR videoblogging????

     In its simplest form, a video blog (vblog or vlog) is the posting of serial videos to a website, with an audience response encouraged. Even though this new form of web communication is in its infancy, videobloggers have already started making regular postings online.
Many vbloggers are using video blogging to create their own miniprograms, using an RSS feed to deliver new episodes automatically. Others are experimenting with the new technology. Like any new community technology, there is no telling where vblogging is going to go in the future.

WHY use VBlogging ??

       You may already express yourself in a regular blog. Think about all the communication you're not delivering by writing everything down:-
the smug little facial expressions, the tone of your voice, and the clever repartee between you and a partner.
Besides this, video blogs are a fantastic tool to deliver indescribable content. Being in the right place at the right time can make your video blog take off. Or if you like to blog about sporting events, a video blog can enable you to capture the action and deliver it to your fans, not just describe it in too-pale words.
If you're a long way from home, a video blog can also be a great way to keep up with friends and family. Think of it as a great new way to share the baby's first steps with his or her grandparents.
And then, you may have harbored a secret dream to be the next great television newscaster or reporter. A video blog may be your perfect chance.

    well...his name is MAT LUTFI ..yeahh..i think ..if im not wrong..he's doing the VBLOGGING n post it on

RAMAI students in IPTA ,IPTS,SKOOL, n tadika KOT(HEHEHE)..
suke BEBENOR melihatnya..

NEXT ------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

AND this one is ANWAR HADI ..i think so..he's cool like MAT lutfi Too..
and what is the same thing is THEY are from KEDAH..
(CLAPSSss ur hand to orang KEDAH..walaupon im NOT orang kedah..)

she's doing the same thing with ANWAR HADI and MAT LUTFI ...

To all peoplesss in out there who want do the same thing...and didnt know how to do it..
well.... U can find out ....

HOW to make it ???????
u can click HERE..

.....hmmm...i just want to SHARE with people who do not KNOW bout this YET...because my friend ask me abou that...and it so funny when hear someone in this IT technology DOESNt KNOW ABOUT that...
i tell u guys here .. I DO this entry just because of my friend..THAT DOESNT MEAN i want to embarassed him....BUT ..nanti korang cakap PULAK .. ("APE LAAA minah niyh...kepoh jerr blog bagai ..kes niyh an dah ramai org taw...nenenk aq pon TAW...")...sO..PLEASEEEE...shut UP... :p


BERBULU is mean GILA SEKS...??what ??

haaaaa...korang terkejut x??aq terkezukkk laa jgak bile dgr ...(sape2 xterkejut tuh..BUAT buat la terkejut ...) HAHAHAHHAHA

yesssss....ENTRY aq kali niyh memang la pasal orang yang BERBULU ...BUT NOT for all HUMAN IN THIS WORLD LAAA...hahaha....gilerr lau manusia xde bulu...CACAT or ape2 jerkk lerr....(eheeee ...pndai2 jekk kan)..?..well..enough laughing bout THAT......

nowwwwWWWWW....i'm seriously want talk bout that STATEMENT....Why??aq pon xtaw kenapa ...hehe
setahu aq laaa kan..manusia yang berbulu lebihh tuh sebab keturunan or maybe agensi MONYET..kot lerrr..lau korang nak tau..ramai gak la org ckp..HUMAN is born from xtaw la nak xcaye ke tak...try korangg layanzzz SKODENG gmbar2 niyh..

HAAAA..niyh laa bukti nyerr..korang ase
PATOT kew..diowg ckp org bnyak bulu kat lengan diowg mention GATAL +GILA SEKS.. =haru jadi nyerr..

bg AKU ..sume nyerr tuhan dah tentukann tok la seadanya..kita patot bersyukur dapat tingal di rumah dan bukan di HUTAN~..sekiann..